The Cumhuriyet Archive Tour with the newspaper’s archivists


The Cumhuriyet Archive

Tour of the Archive with the Newspaper’s Archivists

14 January 2017

Cumhuriyet Headquarters


On November 9th, 2016 the digital archive of Radikal had been erased. The memory of one of Turkey’s prominent newspapers as well as a part of Turkey’s public memory vanished for a certain amount of time. Although the archive was later recovered, this incident warned us about the importance of newspaper archives and the immediacy of protecting them. In the light of recent political developments which might cause further erasure of archives, archivists of Cumhuriyet newspaper discuss how their archive is built and how it can be protected.


About Cumhuriyet Newspaper Archive:


Founded in 1924, Cumhuriyet is Turkey’s oldest national newspaper. Published in Arabic script between the years 1924-1930, the newspaper went online only in 2012. After a two years long process, three hundred thousand pages published between 1930-2005 have been digitized. Cumhuriyet’s archive can be reached at