Hasan Özgür Top | Computer Games and Images of War


Hasan Özgür Top

Computer Games and Images of War

17 December 2016

5533 (İMÇ)



Hasan Özgür Top’s artistic practice ranges from installations to archives on propaganda videos of ISIS. In this talk, Top talks about his working process and methodology with examples from materials that compose his vast archive. Taking his own artistic practice as a starting point, he comments on various aspects of ISIS propaganda videos distributed via the internet. Visual representation of radical organizations is being discussed in the light of their leaders’ actions and public statements. In conclusion, Top examines the links between computer games and ISIS propaganda videos from a historical perspective.


About Hasan Özgür Top:


Born in 1987, Hasan Özgür Top graduated from Marmara University Fine Arts Faculty where he continues his post graduate studies on painting. He works on various subjects such as the process of radicalization, propaganda aesthetics and autonomous organizations. Hasan Özgür Top has exhibited works in Alt Art Space, Rampa İstanbul, Lothringer 13, Depo and 5533.