Hrant Dink Foundation Archiving Cultural Heritage


Nagehan Uskan, Vahakn Keshishian and Selin Sönmez

(Hrant Dink Foundation’s Cultural Heritage Project Team)

Archiving Cultural Heritage

01 February 2017

Hrant Dink Foundation, Anarad Hığutyun Edifice


Hrant Dink Foundation’s Cultural Heritage Project Team talks about the foundation’s history of activities in the field of cultural heritage, as well as their ongoing archive and oral history projects in various regions of Turkey. Giving examples from the Turkey Cultural Heritage Map; an interactive map showing buildings of Armenian and Greek heritage in Turkey, they discuss challenges of running similar archival projects.


About Hrant Dink Foundation:


Founded in 2007 to carry on the mission and dreams of Turkish Armenian writer Hrant Dink, who had been assassinated the same year, Hrant Dink Foundation aims to foster dialogue, peace and empathy in Turkey. Archiving texts, visual materials and other documents related to Hrant Dink, the foundation also has a publishing house with the same name. Two of the foundations critical projects are the Cultural Heritage Project and Sites of Memory. Proceedings of these projects resulted in publications titled Kayseri with its Armenian and Greek Cultural Heritage (2016), 2012 Declaration: The Seized Properties of Armenian Foundations in İstanbul (2012), Habap Fountains (2012) and Armenian Architects of Istanbul in the Era of Westernization (2016).