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Bikem Ekberzade

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21 January 2017

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Bikem Ekberzade is a photo journalist who works for international media outlets and human rights organizations. She makes news and photo coverage from war and migration zones. Ekberzade talks about  photographs taken for on-site monitoring in conflict zones by photojournalists that are tasked by human rights organizations. The discussion focuses on “secret” archives that consist from photographs with news making qualities kept out of media and public eye. Ekberzade also mentions about “futile photographs” that do not make the editorial cuts.


About Bikem Ekberzade:

Bikem Ekberzade has covered many recent historical events such as the Kosovo conflict, migration crisis in Pakistan and the post September 11 U.S intervention in Afghanistan. In 2011, Ekberzade had been assigned  by the United Nations in Iraq. She also reported from various zones of conflict and turmoil in Central Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East, working  in contact with international media outlets such as CNN International, Newsweek, Businessweek and Der Spiegel. As part of her ongoing research on forced immigration, Ekberzade has been working on her  Immigrant Project since 1997. She  has published two monographs  titled ILLEGAL (2006) and West End of the Border (2010). With Özge Ersoy, she co-authored a book titled Telegenic (2014), regarding images that are able to create either political or public awareness on history writing. West End of the Border can be reached from the link: